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The age gap - dating someone younger

Some people manage to live together with someone who's age is far away from their own.
However there are nearly always some issues when an age gap exists.

There are no strict guidelines or rules to it, but there may be some compromises and things to take into consideration.Such as being patient and understanding when issues arise. If you choose someone, knowing the age gap is there you must try to get over problems before they escalate.

The sort of things that age gap relationships throw up.

Being on the same level for love-making, energy for activities and socialising.
Fitting in with your partners friends and family.
Dealing with body changes, like menopause.
Working life-time - will you both retire together?

How well you manage depends a lot on certain circumstances :-

The age brackets.
If it's the female or male that's the older partner.
The mind set of both partners - personality and physical or emotional needs.
The interests that you share.
The social background you come from and friends you share, or may not share.
The depth of your relationship - casual or serious.
Your sexual appetite. Will the older partner be up for it as long as the younger one is?
Understanding your expectations from the relationship.
Will you want children? If you physically can, will you both have the energy to cope?
What will the affect be on family and friends, or career prospects?

When deciding on which way your relationship should develop - either to get deeper or cooling it off - both partners must talk about why they are attracted. Be honest and rule out any ideas of a fantasy, or delusion that the problems that cross your mind will somehow disappear once you are a couple. Women like a younger man maybe because they give her attention, promise a sexual side that they can't find with men of their age or want a young man to cherish and care for, especially if their family has flown the nest. Someone to mother.

Older men go for younger girls / women often in "conquest" mode or satisfying their craving for a young, nimble body to pamper with affection. Men will say it's your mind and youthful attitude they like. They may believe this and lure females into a sort of trap. You should, of course, trust you partner, but consider that they may be mistaken or naive.

The main thing to decide is how you will fare at certain ages - a simple test is to write down her age and his age and add a year with ages side by side. Talk about how old you'll both be and what the realistic expectations of your relationship will be like when the time comes. i.e He will be 60 when she is 45. He might retire but she will want to work for another 15 years or so.

The age gap, in summary, doesn't matter. It's more to do with attitude, maturity and intentions, understanding why you're attracted and understanding that things happen in a different way, and that you can handle it.

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