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Using a Computer and The Internet. How to date online

Dating has changed. The way people find a mate will never be the same following the development of technology. It will change even more as time passes, and you won't even use a computer, as such. Modern dating will still be online, or through some sort of device. A hand held device - iPad, latest generation phone, laptop, notebook or tablet.

The basics for online dating are the same, whatever device you're using.

Your screen or display is a tool for you to communicate with. You tap in words and results come back in words or images. A dating website holds a library of members who sign up, just like you if you signed up here.

This library holds their profile, photos, details, age, location and the things they desire from a potential mate.

If you join and add certain things like your age, other members can find you through searches they make through the library. Hopefully they will notice you have a good photo, and read your profile. They might be drawn to you and want to find out more about you.

They can use some of the tools on the dating site to make contact - send you a "wink" or a message. You'll be nicely impressed when someone responds so you'll want to respond back (A small fee might be required at this stage).

You may embark on some sort of communication and swap email addresses or phone numbers (but be absolutely sure about the person before you do this. It's safer to communicate through the dating site as you can easily back out if you want to. If you've paid a fee, say for a month you might as well use the dating site to communicate safely).

Playing Safe online

Dating sites themselves are very safe. If there are problems (and the industry can get a bad name from this) it's a small number of people who spoil it for the rest, who engage it deceitful practices, gaining someone's trust, pretending to be someone they are not, and upsetting, or even trying to con innocent members.

We work hard to keep these minority scammers off the site, and so give you a good, safe and successful experience. However, we suggest that you always be on your guard. Some people are not as honest as you. As nice as they seem you must report them to us if you suspect something. Signs of unscrupulous members are....

People who ask for money
People who speak in an un-english way (scammers may be from Africa, Canada or 3rd World areas).
People who put an email address in their profile, but try to hide it by putting "name_dot_com" or similar.
People who's profile or photo make you think they are telling lies. We don't expect you to put up with that.
People who ask you to send them naughty photo's - it may sound daring but why are they asking you?
People who ask questions, any questions that make you feel uncomfortable - just tell us and we'll check.

Computer dating is really easy, don't be afraid. You can't break anything, you won't get any nasty surprises or download any virus threats so long as you play safe and use common sense. Happy Dating.

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