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Barry from Glasgow Barry (66) Glasgow
I have a great bunch of friends and they have been telling me for years to try a dating site. But I always felt it was a cowardly way to find a partner. Last November I bit the bullet and joined Old Flirt. The first person I made contact with, chatted amd emailled for a few days then arranged to meet her. We are still together and growing more in love every day. I am so glad I went for it and Old Flirt - you have changed my life.
Kerry from Devon

Kerry (46) Devon
My relationship with my husband had broken down, been married for 20 years before the rot set in. Basically he abused me and I put up with it, until a female friend begged me to leave him and I moved in with her.

While living with my girlfriend we messed about on the computer and I ended up on this dating site. I searched for men an made sure I found out all I could about him before I met them. The main problem I had once I joined Old Flirt was coping with the number of messages from men. I joined the free service but had to opt for full membership so I could suss my male admirers credentials, which I though was wise. Anyway, to cut a long story shorter, the old flirt dating site is great - did evertyhing possbible and got me the man I now love and live with. He's 12 years older, but thats not a problem dating an older man was fun. He tries harder, and I like it. Thanks OldFlirt for helping me out.

Roger from Basingstoke

Roger (58) from Basingstoke
I lost my wife 7 years ago and had got used to the fact that I would never fall in love again. After a couple of years, with my family now grown up and living too far away, and losing a lot of close friends I found I was getting desperately lonely. Going down the pub was not turing out to be staisfying - full of loud youngsters and old men. I didn;t want to stagnate so I stopped going out and planned a way to enrich my life. I learned basic computer skills and found contacts through the internet, chat rooms and that. Still frustrated because people would come and go, and never reply. Also I ran out of things to say. The I found this site Old Flirt, through a Google search. It was free so I joined, not anticipating any responses.

Immediately I joined i got messages from ladies and though that this was a scam, and the ladies were not real. I got to know 4 different ladies, all around my age (58) and it was easy to find out more about them. We swopped phone numbers and I met up with 3. Good dates with numbers one and two (forgive me numbering you) but number 3 knocked my socks off. She was so understanding and like me had lost her lover prematurely to cancer. She was well set up with a home and adequate money, so joining forces, selling my house and living together has produces so much cash we are having the time of our lives. Holidays, nice meals and best of all, I;ve been able to retire early.

My only complaint about Old Flirt is why didn't I find out earlier.

Tracey from Yorkshire

Tracey (46) from Yorkshire
My best friend told me about the Old Flirt dating site when I was feeling a bit low, after yet another argument with my husband. When she first said about it I thought "OLD?" - "FLIRT? - I'm not either of those. I just signed up out of curiosity then forgot about it. After a week i checked my email inbox and was amazed - so many fantastic looking guys wanted to get to know me.

Now it's great to see my husband, wondering why I don't snap back at him like I used to - I coudn't give a s### for him now cos I've met 3 men I found on Old Flirt and they are really nice, decent, thoughtful men and are all now very good friends.

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